About Us

DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc.

The DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. grew out of the DeLeon Springs Merchant’s Association, a group of local merchants led by Don Malmborg, who wanted to see DeLeon Springs prosper and the downtown corridor improve. Hampered by continual code changes and a lack of modern utility infrastructure, key members of the 

group chose to broaden the focus to include the wider community.   In 2011, the DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. was formed and incorporated as a 

501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to “Making DeLeon Springs A Better Place to Live, Work and Play”, which was adopted as our motto.  

What began as a small core of volunteers, blossomed into a determined team of committed citizens, with a broad mission that includes 

a wide range of volunteers across the community, whose dedication drives our efforts and has accomplished outstanding goals.

Early in our history, we worked with Volusia County to create a District Overlay to define a downtown area, eliminate split zoning along the US Highway 17 corridor, 

and worked with Volusia County and FDEP to create the LEAD 1 and LEAD 2 (Local Economic Advancement District) Brownfield Designations, 

a historic first for unincorporated Volusia County.

 In order to protect the health of our community, safeguard our water supply, and shield our beloved DeLeon Spring from petroleum contamination, the DSCA, Inc. built an aggressive campaign to prod the FDEP to move forward with the excavation of one the largest underground fuel plume in the State of Florida, located under US Highway 17 and moving westward toward our precious Spring.  This ecological and economic disaster was caused in the 1980s by a gas station’s leaking underground fuel tanks, 

and the petroleum constituents  invaded our downtown water supply.   The DSCA, Inc.'s advocacy resulted in a nearly $14 million dollar, four-phased excavation project

 a 2009 excavation at the ‘Valero’ property on the east side; a 2012 excavation under the ‘Casey’ property on the west side, an August 2014 excavation 

under the northbound lanes of US Highway 17, and the final excavation in October 2014 under the southbound lanes.  

All told, a staggering  63,623.78 tons of gasoline-laden soil was augered out and hauled away for disposal.  While this project 

was completed in 2014, residual petroleum constituents continue to be monitored to this day.

Our 12 year drive to modernize the downtown corridor with critical water and wastewater services is now a reality.  These important changes will help protect the environmental health of our namesake DeLeon Spring, lessoning nitrogen pollution in the Spring.   Additionally, these modern business infrastructure improvements will aid in our community's economic recovery  by providing new opportunities for business growth and jobs for our citizens. Life safety will be enhanced by the inclusion of desperately needed fire hydrants, a first for DeLeon Springs.  These hydrants make fire fighting more effective, and reduce commercial insurance rates for our businesses.

Our annual backpack drives, monthly food donations and Thanksgiving baskets help those in need while our annual Ride Into Reading Third Grade Challenge, and DSCA, Inc. Merit Scholarships promote learn skills and higher education opportunities for our children, the future of DeLeon Springs.

These are lofty goals for a non-profit organization, striving to enhance our tiny, unincorporated community.  Our volunteers have worked tirelessly for more than a decade to make it all happen and they do it with gusto and good humor.   With our community's tarnished past is fading into the rear view mirror, our motto and focus can now be Shaping the Future, Preserving the Past

The DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. Mission Statement:

The DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to "Shaping the Future, Preserving the Past." DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. strives to foster positive economic and cultural advancement within the community of DeLeon Springs, Florida, while preserving its rural 

nature and agricultural heritage. As stewards of this unique area, the DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. works to cultivate an appreciation for the

 environmental treasures that abound in DeLeon Springs through education, awareness, and conservation of natural resources. 

The DeLeon Springs Community Association, Inc. is dedicated to providing opportunities to increase and enhance community spirit, 

volunteerism and civic responsibility, thereby improving quality of life for all.